Our projects aim to leverage AI technologies to improve public computer literacy by making education more accessible, personalized, and engaging. By providing targeted resources and support, individuals can enhance their computer skills and confidently navigate the digital world.

Interactive Storytelling

Creating AI-driven interactive storytelling experiences where the reader can actively participate in shaping the narrative. This can involve dynamic decision-making, adaptive storytelling, and personalized experiences based on reader choices.

NLP for Customer Support

Developing AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants that can understand and respond to customer inquiries, providing personalized support and automating routine tasks in customer service operations.

Language Modeling for Writing Assistance

Creating AI models that assist writers by providing suggestions, grammar corrections, or stylistic improvements to their text. These models can be used as writing assistants or editors, helping authors refine their work.

Text Summarization

Developing AI models that can summarize lengthy literary works, such as novels or plays, into concise and coherent summaries. These summaries can be useful for providing quick overviews or generating book blurbs.

Literary Analysis and Research

Utilizing AI tools to analyze large volumes of literary works, including identifying patterns, themes, or cultural references. AI can aid researchers in exploring literature, identifying connections, and gaining new insights into the literary domain

Customer Segmentation

Using AI algorithms to analyze customer data and segment customers into groups based on their demographics, preferences, behaviors, or purchasing patterns. This helps tailor marketing campaigns and personalized offers to specific customer segments.

Adaptive Learning Systems

Implementing AI algorithms that adapt the learning experience to the individual's skill level and learning pace. These systems can assess a learner's proficiency and provide customized lessons and exercises to bridge knowledge gaps and ensure effective skill development.

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